Sunday, November 6, 2011

The League of Rogues

For those of you wondering what the heck this whole blog is about, here's a taste of the first book in my series.

The League of Rogues is a Regency romance set in the opulent atmosphere of London where a young debutante encounters romance, danger and the adventure of her lifetime.  
Eighteen year old Emily Parr finds her first London season abruptly ended as her coach is set upon by a band of men intent upon capturing her.  She bravely fights for her life, impressing the members of the League of Rogues, a group of powerful lords known for their wickedness.
Godric St. Laurent, the darkly tempestuous Duke of Essex and leader of the League, is astonished at the intelligence and bravery of his feisty young captive. He and his closest friends, Ashton, Cedric, Lucien and Charles collectively known to all of London as the League of Rogues, seek to blackmail Emily’s uncle by threatening Emily’s virtue. But the League gets more than they bargained for when it takes all five of them to keep one crafty young woman their prisoner.   Emily fights to escape the League of Rogues at every turn but the constant game of cat and mouse only serves to bring her closer to the sensual duke.
Caught in the seductive snare of Godric’s arms and hidden away on his country estate, Emily learns that the threat to her virtue is no mere illusion.  Godric is a hardened rake bent on one thing alone, seducing his innocent prisoner. Scared for her own virtue, but blossoming into a strong woman, Emily meets Godric’s fierce introduction to sensuality with a spirit that earns his secret admiration and sparks in him an obsessive longing for her body and soul.  
Unable to deny her attraction Emily begins to fall in love with the one man she vows to escape, even if it costs her a broken heart. But she is not the only one falling in love.  Emily’s mixture of naiveté and tenderhearted wisdom wins over Godric, London’s most notorious rakehell.
But the battle for Emily’s freedom takes a deadly turn when Godric and his friends learn that Emily’s uncle has sold her to another man to settle his debts. This man, bent on possessing Emily by any means, will not hesitate to kill anyone in his path, including the League of Rogues. As Godric and Emily begin to succumb to the fierce flames of passion between them, Godric fears that he will lose the only woman he’s ever truly loved.  Leading the League of Rogues, he must race against time to save the beloved captive that stole his heart before she is caught in a deadly trap.

Question for followers:  Have you ever read a book series that has completely stolen your breath away?  What was so captivating about it?


  1. The one that always comes back for me, that really has become parr of my consciousness somewhere in my head has to be, The Dark Tower series, by Stephen King. The characters are so iconic, the idea of multiple dimensions, cowboys, worlds crumbling, time travel all just took my breath away. He created characters that became familiar friends and who never got boring in their developement through out the series. To me, it is very important to keep the characters growing and not to let them become one dimensional and flat. They need flaws as well as things to admire and like. It was like burying a friends to finish the series.

  2. The most recent book that really affected me was Lydia Dare's Never Been Bit. I learned that reading a really funny book with coffee in hand was not in my best interests, and certainly not a good thing for my eReader. Damn funny storyline. Haven't laughed out loud like that in ages.

  3. I absolutely love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. What enthralls me is her character, and the way she weaves their stories with amazing history and detail. The love story between Claire and Jamie is breathtaking and makes you want to keep reading every book!

  4. Hm ... the question really is ... which should I talk about? Now, I have been privy to, not one but TWO Smithy series: one involving much loved Rogues doing their damndest not to fall into matrimony (and failing - adorably and sexily so) and the other involving an array of amazing paranormal creatures including but not limited to a unicorn with trust issues! So ... asides from these ...

    Christina Dodd's Darkness Chosen and the Chosen Ones series are BRILLIANT! So good! And Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series is so well done - historically and with the steam! Then there's Dean Koontz's multiple series, my fave being the Snow series. And ... well, you get the point :)

    I think what grabs me most about these series is the voice of the characters - it just grabs me and pulls me in! Which is why I surround myself with them :)

    Thanks! :P

  5. I know many people are completely sick of them, but the first time I picked up Twilight and started reading, I was hooked. I loved that world, and immediately fell into the books. The same with the Harry Potter series. They were so visual, and easy to connect with. It was if you were standing there next to the characters, the writing was so vivid and really drew you in. :)