Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blood Moon on the Rise- Upcoming Release

Hi Guys!

I recently learned that Blood Moon on the Rise, the first novella in my paranormal romance series about supernatural creature hunters will be available on Amazon May 1st, 2013! 

The series is set in modern day Detroit where the secretive Brotherhood of the Blood Moon has its world headquarters. Hunters and their magically gifted trackers work for the Brotherhood to contain the threats of supernatural creatures and protect innocent lives.

I hope to post cover art soon and an excerpt. But for now I can leave you with the cover blurb!  I hope you're as excited as I am!


Tamara wants nothing more than to protect the world from deadly paranormal creatures. Well, maybe she wants a little more than that. But the man she craves—Nicholas Rubin—is strictly off limits. 

For years, Nicholas has been her loyal partner, helping to defeat murderous werewolves and take down unruly vampires.  Nicholas has always given Tamara his protection, friendship, and support. The only thing he hasn’t given her is his love. A relationship between Tamara and Nicholas is forbidden by ancient law, and the consequences could be deadly. 

But when a powerful Sorceress threatens both their lives, Tamara has a choice to make: Give into her feelings for Nicholas, and risk her life. Or take a chance on Nicholas, and receive his love—at a price.

Watch my blog in the next two weeks for details on the exciting release of Blood Moon on the Rise!


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