Friday, August 21, 2015

Lauren Listens - Contest and Audiobook Review of Bella Andre's Love Me


I'm happy to be doing another audiobook review this week and a contest! Keep reading for details.

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Now last week I had fun talking about Laura Kaye's book Hearts in Darkness.

Today I'm talking about Bella Andre's Love Me.

 Narrated by Eva Kaminsky.

What's it about?

In the long awaited sequel to Take Me by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Bella Andre, if there's one thing that Janica Ellis is absolutely certain of, it's that she and Luke Carson are totally wrong for each other. She's a wild, artistic, and outspoken fashion designer. He's a type-A, workaholic trauma surgeon. But Janica is about to be proven wrong when opposites the sexiest possible way.
After a life-changing night in the ER, Luke is desperate for escape and relief from his personal demons. For five years he has fought his attraction to Janica, but when he's pushed too far, he can't fight it another second. He needs her. Desperately. He's spent his whole life doing the right thing. For one night, he's going to follow desire instead, straight into Janica's arms.
Janica can't believe Luke is finally at her front door...and that he's kissing her as though he's been waiting his whole life to touch her. But even as their sensual connection deepens with every touch of skin on skin and the man she always thought was such a good boy turns out to be sinfully, toe-curlingly bad between the sheets Janica soon realizes she wants more than Luke's body. She wants his heart too. But what will Luke do when one night of extreme passion turns into an all-or-nothing proposition?

My ThoughtsLove Me is a sequel to Bella Andre's fantastic book Take Me.  Take Me and Love Me involve a set of two sisters an a set of twin brothers.  The first book Take Me is about the eldest sister, the plump and heartwarming Lily who falls for the  "bad boy" of the twin brothers named Travis.

Love Me takes place five years after the happily ever after takes place in Take Me. Now Lily and Travis are married with two darling children. And Travis's straight-laced brother named Luke is falling for the tiny, fiery little sister of Lily named Danica.

What did I love about this book? Well for starters we get two great contrasted couples. Danica and Lily are nothing alike, just as Luke and Travis are nothing alike. Danica is a force of nature (as a fashion designer) and she sweeps Luke away from the start. All four characters have a strong backstory where they knew each other as young children and grew up together. All of them suffered a great tragedy of losing parents and it all affected them differently. I love how Bella Andre evokes such wonderful, deep emotions regarding these losses and how each of the heroes and heroines in both books move forward.

So, back to the story and what I loved. Luke is suffering in his job as an ER doctor and the stress gets too much for him. When he has to go on leave from the hospital, he goes straight to Janica and they end up sleeping together that night. One of the things that shocked me (but not in a bad way), was that Janica flat out tells Luke she loves him that night. Normally in a romance, the love declarations come towards the end. I actually liked this twist, the upfront declaration and Luke struggling to accept that he has loved her back for years. The emotional battle between Luke and Janica is heartfelt, realistic and sexy. BOY HOWDY is it sexy!!!! Sometimes books feel too forced, but not this one. Andre hits another home run for me!

The book isn't that long, only a little under five hours, but the narrator Eva does a lovely job of bringing the love story together.

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  1. I have listened to the Soul Screamer series on audio and they were amazing

  2. I can't do audible books because I can't hear them. But if I could Denice garou's dragonhorse would be awesome in audible book form. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  3. I don't read or listen to many contemporary romance titles. My preference is historical romance. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I haven't listened to an audio book before, but have been thinking about it since I have a long drive to and from work now. My favorite book? Ooo so many...I do love every one of your books.

  5. Sweet Deception, Heather Snow.

  6. I'm not big on audio books (I need something to focus on our I would fall asleep) BUT Wagers Gone Awry by Collette Cameron would be a good book for audio as long as all the humor comes across.

  7. I have been listening my way through Agatha Christie's books. I loved Pocket Full of Rye and solved the crime. First time. Yes. Thanks for the giveaway. I really loved listening to them all so far.


  8. gilded cage by lauren smith and masters of seduction books 5 thru 8 and audible audiobook wicked fall ;wicked horse by sawyer bennett are great listens on audible that are awesome listens

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