Monday, January 25, 2016

Lauren Reads- Ashes by Sophie H. Morgan

 I had the pleasure of reading Sophie H. Morgan's book Ashes and just had to share my thoughts!! For all you paranormal romance and fantasy romance fans, definitely check this book out!!

Book Description:

Secrets can burn.
The Divided Kingdom, Book 1
Reared from birth to rule the Phoenix territory, Ana fled her future and her past when her parents were murdered. Now she secretly leads a rebellion to stop the human ruler, Edward, from experimenting on supernaturals.
When she finds herself cornered by an assassin, she knows just what to do: Roast him and toast him. Then recognition sends blue-tipped flames licking through her veins. It’s Cade, the royal bodyguard who once rejected her youthful confession of love.
When Cade regains consciousness from the force of Ana’s punch, he’s still reeling from shock—and fury. He’d loved the princess, and for ten years he thought her dead. Though his inner jackal growls with desire for her, she is the key to completing his mission for Edward—hunt down the rebel known as Liberty.
Ana can’t believe Cade doesn’t know the truth about Edward. If she can convince him of it, his blade could turn the tide of the rebellion. But first they must get beyond their past, or the whole kingdom could go up in smoke.
Warning: Contains incendiary sex between a phoenix princess with a secret identity, and a jackal shifter who can take a lot of heat. Boys from the “hood”, a king jacked up on enhanced DNA, and killer heels. Anybody got a match?

My Review: 5 Stars!

This was my first book to read of Sophie Morgan and I was delighted by the reading experience!
First off, while it's a paranormal romance, it's also got a lot of wonderfully developed fantasy aspects to it. The world building is intense and well done and it fully immersed me as I read along. I don't always like a super complicated world developing because most authors can't pull it off and they lose me because they lose focus on the characters which is why I read books to begin with. That being said, Morgan doesn't fall prey to this loss of interest. Rather, she uses the world building to enhance her already stunning and amazing characters. Even the secondary characters like Trick the vampire had me desperate for the stories of the upcoming books.
But i digress. I loved reading about Ana, the phoenix. I LOVED that the heroine was a feisty, fiery phoenix. :) And her sexy hero is Cade a shifter. I loved the chemistry between them and how it sizzled and then burst into flames just like a phoenix! This is a must read for all paranormal and fantasy romance fans!!

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