Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday 3/31/13

Here's an excerpt from Wicked Seduction, the second book in my League of Rogues Series. Here the heroine's younger sister Audrey and the hero's younger brother Linus are quarreling because Linus stole one of Audrey's spencer jackets and put it on a sheep from the pasture near the hero's estate.

“I swear Linus, you are the worst sort of man! How could you put my best spencer on a sheep?” Audrey’s voice was shrill.
“I thought the woolly little blighter looked a mite chilly. Since it is the season of giving Audrey, you should be thankful that I exercised my good will to ensure the sheep’s warmth.”
“The season of giving...I’ll give you something!” There was a muffled thump and a responding masculine growl.
“What in god’s name did you put in that”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt! Stay tuned for future Sundays for more wicked excerpts!

The first book in the League of Rogue series Wicked Designs will be available from Samhain Publishing in January 2014.  

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