Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday- Wicked Seduction

Hi Guys,

I'm joining in on the fun of Eight Sentence Sunday started by the Weekend Writing Warriors.

         Here's eight sentences from my book Wicked Seduction which will hopefully be available sometime next year. It is the sequel to my regency romance book Wicked Designs will will be available from Samhain January 2014.

         In Wicked Seduction- The notorious rogue Lucien meets his match with the quiet, intellectual, but passionate Horatia- the younger sister of his close friend. She's the one woman who is off-limits and the only one he's ever wanted.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Her words were hoarse, as hunger for him tickled her insides.
He leaned forward, his body close to hers as he blew out the candle in her hand. The sudden darkness falling around them made her breath catch. The smoke curled and danced up between them, coiling like the serpent in the garden. Lucien was the forbidden fruit, gleaming and offering a world of knowledge about bodily desire and pleasure beyond words.
“There’s a lovely little remedy for sleep that I always employ, do you want to know what it is?” The look of sheer sensual mischief dancing in his eyes, set her skin on fire.

Let me know what you think!