Sunday, November 24, 2013

Across the Stars -Sneak Peek 11/24/13

Below is a snippet from my latest WIP called Across the Stars. It's a SFR or Sci-Fi Romance.

Here's the story scoop: Laina is one of the last surviving humans after earth was destroyed when the humans tried to kill the cyborgs they'd created when the cyborgs rebelled and escaped. Now the Cyborgs, with permission of the Galactic High Council have free rein to pursue the last remnants of the human race and do with them as they see fit. Rorik, a cyborg lieutenant stumbles upon Laina hiding in a ship and he captures her, thinking to get information about the whereabouts of other humans. But when the cyborg doctor on Rorik's ship runs tests on Laina, a genetic anomaly in her hand raises questions and he suddenly wonders if Laina might hold the key to the survival of the cyborg race. Can he learn to trust and love his sworn enemy if it means he might save his people?

After passing out from stress and lack of food and water, Laina wakes up cold and alone in a cell in the cyborg ship's brig. Only, she realizes she isn't alone for long. A cyborg she doesn't know has appeared, unlocked her cell and is now trying to kill her. (please ignore creative punctuation)

Laina straightened her shoulders, despite her body shaking from cold and fear.

“What will killing me accomplish? Your people rule the stars and you have the support of the Galactic High Council whereas my people have been hunted near to extinction, what would my death do for you?”

The cyborg paused, his pale gray eyes widened he assessed her words, but after a moment, he seemed to decide her argument was irrelevant, when his gaze narrowed; he’d made his choice.

“Your death will please me, that is enough.”

She did the only thing she could think of at that moment; she lunged for him. Her fists hit hard but his chest was a wall of steel and it felt like she’d broke her hands. He shackled her wrists and swung her away from him and she hit the wall behind her and he trapped her there and locked his fingers around her throat, tightening his grip bit by bit as he lifted her up at the same time.

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  1. Wow, grim moment for Laina! Can't wait to read more and find out how she escapes...really enjoying this story. another excellent excerpt today!

  2. Wow. Poor Laina! Where is her valiant rescue?! It better be coming. :) ;)

  3. Kick him in the nuts Laina! Tense snippet.

  4. Love her spunk and take action approach to the situation!

  5. Ah! She needs a hero!!!!! Or, as Gemma says...give him a swift kick!!!

  6. Yes, but does a cyborg have that particular weakness?

  7. Damn Rorik, where are you? He is going to be pretty pissed about this. Excellent scene Lauren. She is just being brutalized by these cyborgs, Rorik is her only possible hope. Can you tell I'm into your story?
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  8. Wow, that comment about her death pleasing him. Ahhh!!! Go, girl, go! Fight! Great 8. Enjoying this story :D