Sunday, December 1, 2013

Across the Stars 12/1/13

Below is a snippet from my latest WIP called Across the Stars. It's a SFR or Sci-Fi Romance.

Here's the story scoop: Laina is one of the last surviving humans after earth was destroyed when the humans tried to kill the cyborgs they'd created when the cyborgs rebelled and escaped. Now the Cyborgs, with permission of the Galactic High Council have free rein to pursue the last remnants of the human race and do with them as they see fit. Rorik, a cyborg lieutenant stumbles upon Laina hiding in a ship and he captures her, thinking to get information about the whereabouts of other humans. But when the cyborg doctor on Rorik's ship runs tests on Laina, a genetic anomaly in her hand raises questions and he suddenly wonders if Laina might hold the key to the survival of the cyborg race. Can he learn to trust and love his sworn enemy if it means he might save his people?

After passing out from stress and lack of food and water, Laina wakes up cold and alone in a cell in the cyborg ship's brig. Only, she realizes she isn't alone for long. A cyborg she doesn't know has appeared, unlocked her cell and is now trying to kill her. (please ignore creative punctuation)

When her eyes were level with his, he kept her pressed against the wall and black dots splattered across her vision and she sucked through gasping lips for air. Being unable to breathe was perhaps the worst thing she’d ever feared, like being cast into space, opening and closing one’s mouth and finding nothing. Her lungs burned as though on fire and a wild animal panic set in. She clawed at his hands, screeching soundlessly because no breath could pass her voice box. Her body shivered and her legs flailed as her baser instincts demanded air and life. Adrenaline coursed through her and she was nearly able to pry one of his fingers from her throat.

He growled and shook her like a ragdoll. It happened so fast, the sudden rush of darkness, the fading sensations and sense of self; one last squeeze and she was gone.

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  1. Oh my God! Vivid! Great job of relaying her fear and hopelessness. I'm taking a well needed breath after this one. Great 8!

  2. Extremely vivid snippet, can't wait to find out what happens next!

  3. Her emotions are palpable! The thought of not being able to take a breath is terrifying. You've vividly shown that! :-)

  4. Excellent description.

  5. Very good description, I felt short of breath as I read it. Great 8. Full of suspense..

  6. Omigosh! That was so intense! Is she really gone??? Very vivid. I felt it!