Sunday, September 22, 2013

Across the Stars- SFR sneak peek 9-22-13

**Warning- this excerpt contains a cyborg with some seriously sexy thoughts about a human female.

Below is a snippet from my latest WIP called Across the Stars. It's a SFR or Sci-Fi Romance.

Here's the story scoop: Laina is one of the last surviving humans after earth was destroyed when the humans tried to kill the cyborgs they'd created when the cyborgs rebelled and escaped. Now the Cyborgs, with permission of the Galactic High Council have free rein to pursue the last remnants of the human race and do with them as they see fit. Rorik, a cyborg lieutenant stumbles upon Laina hiding in a ship and he captures her, thinking to get information about the whereabouts of other humans. But when the cyborg doctor on Rorik's ship runs tests on Laina, a genetic anomaly in her hand raises questions and he suddenly wonders if Laina might hold the key to the survival of the cyborg race. Can he learn to trust and love his sworn enemy if it means he might save his people?

Last week we left off with Rorik having knocked Laina out with his phaser and he's brought her on board the cyborg ship the Orion where he has taken her to the sick bay where the cyborg doctor Valerius will examine her since she was wounded during her capture.

The doctor went back to his cabinets and retrieved a thick blanket and laid it over the bed while Rorik set the human down, careful to check that her head was properly cushioned. His fingers threaded through her hair, the chestnut strands felt like watered silk, sending a frisson of pleasure through him as he imagined fisting his hands in it while he thrust into her tight little body, groaning. He would possess her, take her hard and fast. He would conquer her, dominate her and show her he was the master now—

“Rorik?” Valerius cut through the jarring emotions and physical reactions.

He blinked, shook his head and used his mind to control his body’s reactions. His core temperature dropped back down to ninety-eight degrees, his cock which had hardened and pressed uncomfortably against his pants didn’t soften right away, but his calm was restored.

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  1. Wonderful Lauren, great descriptions about the difference between him and us, loving his torment!

  2. Wow, his thoughts surely got away from him for a moment there! Excellent excerpt, carried me along with it and now I want to keep reading.

  3. Definitely a vivid scene with great emotional tension and and interesting display of Rorik's control. Nicely done. Intriguing scene.

  4. I think his human half is winning out when it comes to her...definitely sexy 8.

  5. You've generated some serious heat with only 8 sentences! I cannot WAIT for this book to be published. Well done, Lauren!

  6. All his boastful thoughts... perhaps not a strength at all, but instead, a weakness. I hope she utilizes it to buy herself some security. :-) Good 8, Lauren!

  7. Oh he's got it bad, so totally distracted from his official duties. Good writing, Lauren.
    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  8. Sorry I missed this last week...but oh my is he in trouble : )