Sunday, September 15, 2013

Across the Stars- sneak peek 9-15-13

Below is a snippet from my latest WIP called Across the Stars. It's a SFR or Sci-Fi Romance.

Here's the story scoop: Laina is one of the last surviving humans after earth was destroyed when the humans tried to kill the cyborgs they'd created when the cyborgs rebelled and escaped. Now the Cyborgs, with permission of the Galactic High Council have free rein to pursue the last remnants of the human race and do with them as they see fit. Rorik, a cyborg lieutenant stumbles upon Laina hiding in a ship and he captures her, thinking to get information about the whereabouts of other humans. But when the cyborg doctor on Rorik's ship runs tests on Laina, a genetic anomaly in her hand raises questions and he suddenly wonders if Laina might hold the key to the survival of the cyborg race. Can he learn to trust and love his sworn enemy if it means he might save his people?

Last week we left off with Rorik having knocked Laina out with his phaser and he's brought her on board the cyborg ship the Orion where he has taken her to the sick bay where the cyborg doctor Valerius will examine her since she was wounded during her capture.


“Where should I put her?” he asked the doctor as he took in the multiple beds. None of them looked particularly comfortable. They were little more than metal gurneys.

“Anywhere is fine,” Valerius waved at the room and turned to his cabinets searching for his instruments.

The metal surface of the nearest medical exam table gleamed in the artificial light, looking cold and hard. Rorik had no desire to place the woman on that.

“Do you have something to lay on the bed to cushion her?”
Valerius chuckled. “Feeling guilty for starting the torture before you were supposed to?”

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  1. Well it does sound as though he may be! But then again if she might be of some use to him it's reason enough to keep her comfortable! Great snippet.

  2. Nice use of the 8's. I cannot wait until this book is released!

  3. These are not exactly sympathetic beings she's in the midst of. Excellent excerpt, can't wait to read the entire story!

    1. Haha! We are such suckers for a good alien story! Throw in a little romance, and it's our dynasty!

  4. <--- Wearing a big grin. This story is delicious and addictive! Great 8, Lauren. Write faster!

  5. I agree, she needs something on the bed to cushion her. That metal surface can't be good for her. Interesting 8!

  6. I like this story. The big guy is starting to feel protective of her.

  7. Oh, he already feels protective of her. I like that. Loving your snippets.

  8. ohhhh, the human's growing on him. love this revealing 8

  9. Love the way you show a tender side of him with just this one concern, to cushion her.

  10. hehe Rorik is having sweet feelings... I'm not sure he will let the doctor go with torturing her.

  11. He's into the human! Only he doesn't want to admit it yet ;) Looking forward to next week!