Monday, January 2, 2012

Mistletoe Mischief winner and thoughts on a new year!

CONGRATULATIONS to Aileen, the winner of my Mistletoe Mischief Giveaway!  I'll be contacting you regarding your prize.

As the new year starts off, everyone is asking that age old question: What are your resolutions?  In past years I've laughed and said I have none, that there is little I feel I need to change about how I'm living my life.
Strangely this year I feel perhaps I do have some resolutions, or goals rather. 
1) Getting back to the gym- never before has this been an issue. But it definitely is now. 
2) Getting a short story published as an ebook.  This has really become a focus for me within the last few months of 2011.  I want to have my name out there, see it on a ebook shelf  and be able to pat myself on the back after three years of doggedly pursuing bigger projects.
3) Getting my first regency manuscript in top shape for two editors who are interested in its revisions.
4) Studying the craft of writing.

It is perhaps this last goal that will require my diligence.  I am not someone who buys a ton of "how to" books, but I do find that I want to read some on occasion, especially if its an area that I feel I need help on.  I tend to steer clear of books that teach me how to make a hook or interest the reader from the first page.  I've been told I don't need help with that, which is a relief.  But there are smaller things I know are weaknesses.  An agent told me that emotion is key, and my characters weren't quite there yet.  This is the sort of subsection of craft I need to be studying.

So with this in mind, I plan to make 2012 all about my craft, learning it, honing it and polishing it so that 2012 becomes the year where dreams come true.

I hope everyone else out there has a great set of goals and the inspiration and time to follow through with them.  It's important to know yourself and the goals you set in order to maximize your dreams.  I wish everyone a fantastic new year.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you're hoping to achieve this year!