Scene Art and Fun Graphics!!!

Banners and Graphics that you can post or share on social media!

Below are some scenes from my book Wicked Designs, book 1 of my League of Rogues series and one scene from an as of yet unpublished novella The Bite of Winter.  The artist is Joanne Renaud and she has done a wonderful job bringing the story to life!

Ashton, Charles and Jonathan

                                                              Godric, Cedric and Lucien

The infamous abduction scene where Emily fights off Godric and his friends.

Godric putting his hunting coat on Emily for a brisk day outside pheasant hunting.

Godric carrying a stack of books for an apology to Emily.

Godric, demanding a kiss for a book.

Emily, as always, giving the League of Rogues trouble by attempting escape.

This is a scene from my unpublished paranormal  Christmas novella called A Midnight Clear. Above are the three main characters in the love triangle: Zoey and her two Irish vampires Ian and Connor!


  1. Oh my goodness! What beautiful illustrations.

    1. Thank you! The artist, Joanne Renaud did an amazing job!

  2. What beautiful pictures. The artist is very talented. :)

    1. Thank you Nicole!! This just reminded me I needed to add the teasers for my upcoming historical novella on this page which I'm going to do right now!!

  3. Ohh yes , I just love all the illustrations! And now I need to go check you out on Amazon because I also love paranormal reads and the last picture says you also write paranormal :)